Secret garden – traveling exhibition

For Davide Dall’Osso, each installation is a dramaturgy.

In each installation, the artist writes a new dramaturgy made up of evocative images with his sculptural characters. The characters enter into the scene one after the other in Saint Catherine’s pool in the town of Bagno Vignoni where the installation “takes place” in its own “Secret Garden”. Why “Secret Garden”? For Dall’Osso, the secret garden is that secluded yet open space that is part of each of us and that unfortunately sometimes remains secret even to ourselves. A place of freedom, a place that is uncontaminated that we discovered as children, like in the book “The Secret Garden” (where children explore a secret garden and discover their own identity through nature), it’s a place that helps us rediscover in ourselves the subtle force of empathy, the “universal language” of all human beings.

With this installation, Dall’Osso has opened a passageway that leads to the secret garden, from here dancing figures have emerged, they are “flowers that dance over the water” whose reflection becomes a blooming waterlily on the water. The fluid element, like our fluid society that today is searching for human freedom, an idea of freedom as identity, where everyone can express themselves to the best of their own ability.

For the artist, the search for freedom is an essential theme on his journey – the freedom to be ourselves and to reach our full potential. <<The greatest imprisonment to which a human being today can be condemned is that of not being able to have a land where he can express what he deeply knows he can be. >>

The last two characters that “enter the scene” of the installation are “I Duellanti” – two centaurs, two hybrid figures, two fluid figures that meet… they have defined themselves singularly and not as a couple. They have met in this moment, they are studying each other and they are sizing each other up like two dueling figures in their love ritual. “I Duellanti” close the door to this secret garden in Bagno Vignone, foreshadowing that perhaps they have not yet found their own land and that they will continue to search for a place to express what they deeply know they are.

2019 “Secret Garden” installation curated by Maria Vittoria Gozio in the large pool located in Piazza delle Sorgenti, Bagno Vignoni, as well as a widespread exhibition in various spaces in the following hotels: Albergo Posta Marcucci, Albergo Le Terme and Hotel Adler Thermae.

2018 “The Secret Garden” installation in the moat surrounding Palazzo Ducale in Mantua, curated by Vittorio Erlindo.