Finding the right balance between poetic ideas, art and design requires knowledge and fluidity between genres, to be able to “steal” and transform, through contemporary forms, what design expresses between the past and the present.

The Dall’Osso Atelier was created thanks to Maria Vittoria Gozio’s passion for design which, through project planning, guides the material forms created by Davide Dall’Osso. The two artists are constantly engaging with the element of light because of the transparency of their polycarbonate fusion creations. The sculptures alter the space in which they are placed by playing with the light which in turn alters the sculptures. Transparent walls that seem to ripple like they are made of water, a cascade of light-filled floating spheres, ethereal angels’ wings and suspended petals are all creations that Dall’Osso Atelier forms and transforms in site-specific art installations in a game of endless metamorphosis.