Rubble is a new project, a new vision, one that is beginning to reveal itself and that through doing the work itself, perhaps will find its own awareness.

The first figures created for the project “Rubble” were the cats made of concrete iron and rusty nets, but they are nevertheless light and supple. I do not know if these cats were born from the rubble of an earthquake in my homeland, or from the continuous landslides in our ecosystem, in politics and in society. However, the felines that birthed this project are not fragile or maimed but strong and determined.

From “Rubble” another project, “Hero of My Time” was also born, a group of men and women such as the work “Warrior” and the work ” Concrete Dancer” who will be marked by a writing inside each of them that forms a single thought of collective consciousness that cries, “What has become of all the pain we thought we felt when we were so young?”