Evolving together

Exactly what kind of company are we? What ideals do we truly uphold? What is the reason we are here, now?

We often ask ourselves these and other similar questions, trying to understand what our place is in the world, and often it is difficult to find the answers that reflect our true nature and not just our intentions.

As everyone knows, our modern world is dominated by individualism, we are all strongly individualistic. But the exaltation of the individual and their singular interest devalues ??the community, groups of people and nations with their respective group values.

What is the point if you only save yourself?

Antonio Neiwiller, in his poem-manifesto “Per un teatro clandestine,” wrote the above verse that served to reawakened our sense of belonging. After having read it, everything made more sense. We are that which we do and not that which we would do if… As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. If you see someone struggling, help them. Everything else is meaningless.

Helping out someone else is part of the humanity we all carry inside us and each of us has sufficient experience and professionalism to do so. This is why we have aimed our professionalism in the direction that makes the most sense, to those who can benefit the most from it.

We, along with our creations, have encountered people with Alzheimer’s, people who are blind, the elderly, children of all ethnicities like the “little ambassadors of Saharawi” and also held sculpture workshops for a group of disabled adults. All these experiences have shown us that everyone has the ability to bring out their inner world, nobody is excluded from this process of opening up to others, and that each of us can find our own way to communicate and express our thoughts. We can all participate in an act of liberation capable of breaking down prejudices and a feeling of being a minority while creating unexpected resources.

These projects give substance to our artistic journey and we derive an incredible benefit from them. We have understood the meaning of being here now and the perception of our doing and living our art has changed to such an extent that we believe that “art has the role of reaffirming human dignity.” This realization is thanks to the revolutionary and transformative power of art which is capable of modifying our perception of reality, of ourselves and offers the opportunity of shared experiences.


Encounter with the little ambassadors of Saharawi with the Hurria Association, Castelfiorentino (FI), 2019

Sculpture workshop held for the acquired disabilities community “Giardino dei Tigli,” Altavilla Vicentina, 2019