Sometimes sculptures are created from the encounters I have with the family who is asking me for the work, from the dialogue with the people who are in that family unit, their vision of things that happen every day, of their future, and of the relationship between them. These are some of the factors that determine the character of the sculpture that will be created. This is what happened when creating the large horse on his hind legs entitled Powerful. The work was commissioned by the father of the family. When we met, I asked the motivation behind making the request, and so he spoke to me about his two sons who rode motorcycles for two teams. Then when I met the kids and I saw their attitude and their fresh enthusiasm I immediately defined the character of Powerful.

The sculpture features a young horse, not yet a stallion but already strong and powerful, which rears back with strength, to show off his identity with determination and with that lively narcissism that young people have when discovering their own beauty. Therefore the mane and the tail are luxuriant in the wind. The only “fragility” that shows his young age, and his inexperience with life, is in the placement of his hooves on the ground. The young horse rears back, in fact, “on the tips” of his hooves, almost like wanting to seem more vigorous than he really is. But his instability on the ground gives him the possibility to shift, which will allow him new affections, new decisions, new opinions and new attitudes.

Private Garden – Pesaro 2015