“You recognize people who will change your life at first glance, no use dancing around it. It is something you feel in the air, it pervades your soul and fills your eyes. Nothing and no one can stop that shift if your gears. People who will change your life are like rainbows. They come after the storm. The kind where the sky is dark and the wind is blowing. When you start thinking that the sun has eclipsed forever. Then the rain suddenly stops, you smell the air in your nostrils and see a festival of colors embroidered on a blue you’ve never seen before. From that moment on you will never be the same. The rainbow has entered your eyes, circulated in your blood and arrived to your heart, which now pumps a new blood.”

“The people who change your life often don’t know how deeply they’ve entered inside you. They ignore the canyon that has formed in your soul… You wish they would stay with you the rest of your life. But you know it doesn’t depend on you alone. You would listen to them for days on end. Without ever taking your eyes off them. You would worry that they are okay. You would experience that inner calm that no one in the world has ever given you. Then you would give who knows what to maintain even a single, small, tenuous contact. And if that were not possible you would guard their memory inside your soul like a watchful sentinel. A memory you would open at least a thousand times a day and each time you would marvel at the light coming through the window.”

Carlo Barone