Outside time

We have access to all the information around the globe in real time. We know everything that is going on while it is still happening. While we are experiencing things, we can communicate to anyone we want everything we are feeling. We can buy anything we want from however far away. We know everything that happens to all our “friends.” We help by donating to the people who need it the most. With a click we comment, judge, criticize, listen, share, express, explain, etc. In short, we actively participate in our own era.

Yet it happens that people do not feel like an active part of their own era. Sometimes people have the feeling of being passive passengers in the life they are living.

“Outside Time” is communicated through works that are heavily material, figures of rusty iron, marked by the passing of time and transformed together with it. They are female and male figures who have their own past written on their bodies, their desire to claim their own identity and uniqueness. They are keywords for reading the map of one’s path through time.