The installation Amanti/Lovers represents a male and a female, a couple who have defined themselves in the guise of two horses. Lovers: the male is stronger and more rigid made of a structure of galvanized iron, the female is more flexible and malleable with a structure made of copper. But these two essences, male and female, are a play on their opposites. Over time, iron rusts and breaks while copper oxidizes and protects. They are a couple formed by two equal and antithetical forces that once joined will dance their existence together.

These two lovers are not subtle, not delicate, and not fragile. They are two contemporary lovers that have to survive the disillusionment of a society in defense, the sudden adversities of a fake wellbeing and of the deceptive song of social morality. Therefore, these lovers, these horses have strong hooves, toned bodies. Their manes are almost non-existent, they are braided and close to the body like a horse in battle. They have elegance and power but without showing it, they have the strength that pervades two lovers when simply walking one next to the other.

The idea for this piece came to me one afternoon while walking at Sforzesco Castle in Milan. There was a gay couple in front of me who were walking together and while walking the back of their hands lightly touched. This touching was a love ritual of a passionate and poignant poem. I wanted to convey this moment in the Lovers installation, in the light approach of the horses’ faces as they cross the park.

AMANTI, Private Park – Modena 2016