Installation of duende

“… To search for duende there is no map and no training. One only knows that it burns the blood like a tropic of glass, that is exhausts, that it repels all the well-learned geometry… that it breaks free from styles, leans on inconsolable human pain… The arrival of duende always presupposes a radical change of all forms. To the old patterns it gives completely new sensations of freshness, with the quality of a newly created thing, of a miracle, which comes to generate an almost religious enthusiasm… taking into account that it is not a matter of thoughtfulness, or of dedication, nor of intelligence, nor even of study. It is something you are born with, and then in grows, feeding on conflict… Bach, Nietzsche, Cézanne, Rimbaud had it. And who knows how many more, unknown or very famous, certainly never satisfied, never paid, never quiet, who struggle daily with their own duende…”

“Duende” Permanent installation, private park, Modena

“Tide” Permanent installation in the hallway of the Radiotherapy Department at the Carpi Hospital, Modena.
A project created in collaboration with patients in the Psycho-Oncology Department of the Ramazzini Hospital in Carpi. The theme of water was developed by several artists whose works decorated the entire ward. The project was curated by photographer Roberto Pagliani.

“Waves and Sand” Permanent site-specific installation for the entrance to the Main Hall of the Alexander Museum Palace Hotel, Pesaro. Commissioned by Count Marcucci Pinoli of Valfesina. The artist made 27 figures of children in cast polycarbonate that form two converging waves that seem to arrive from the sea.

“Dancing Duende” Installation in the EVENTIQUATTRO event space in Milan. The space was designed by Renzo Piano for the Sole 24 Ore headquarters. The artist installed several “Duende” in the outdoor space during the “Arte Accessibile” event. Project curated by Tiziana Manca.

“Duende” Installation of works at the Castello di Casole Resort in Casole D’Elsa, the former residence of Luchino Visconti. The artist installed a group of “Duende” in the outdoor space in the gardens.
Project curated by Isculpture Art Gallery in San Gimignano.

“The Same Differing Viewpoints” Dual solo exhibitions with artist Giorgio Guidi at the Church of the Maddalena, Pesaro.