Goddess of wine

Dall’Osso often says that when he and Vittoria moved to Tuscany he finally understood what wine was all about.

Mario Soldati wrote: “Wine is like poetry which you enjoy more and truly understand only when you study life, other works of art, the character of the poet, when you become familiar with the place where they were born, with their education, with their world. The nobility of wine is exactly this: that it is never an object that is detached and abstract, that can be judged by drinking a glass, or two or three, from a bottle that comes from a place where we have never been.”

The idea for Goddess of Wine came from the land we live in now, from the Chianti hills and from the people that for generations have been preserving the precious nectar. This sculpture desires to be a sonnet, a toast to Chianti red wine and all the wines that come from a love of terroir.

The color is that of Chianti wine and the sculpture’s movement is that of the small wave created when you swirl wine it in a glass before tasting it. And like the glass is tinged with the red of the wine, so do the Goddess’s breasts remain tinged.