Generation z

Gen Z is the first generation to have grown up with the internet, which makes it the first “digital” generation.

Therefore, this generation carefully curates their identity so that they can clearly communicate “who” they want to be seen as. Their selfies are created with care and clear intentions.

The things they choose and their actions can end up following a Gen Zer everywhere they go. Whether it is a positive judgment expressed with a like, or fierce criticism, it does not stop just because they are in their home but bounces around in their social media no matter where they are. They don’t randomly post and they don’t allow everyone access to their communication. Gen Zers try to present the best version of themselves, leaving the rest to the viewer’s imagination.

As is always the case, Gen Z is a new generation being defined by older generations through norms and methods that do not belong to them. That is why Gen Z may seem backwards but they are different than us and from the definitions we want to assign to them.