“… To search for duende there is no map and no training. One only knows that it burns the blood like a tropic of glass, that is exhausts, that it repels all the well-learned geometry… that it breaks free from styles, leans on inconsolable human pain… The arrival of duende always presupposes a radical change of all forms. To the old patterns it gives completely new sensations of freshness, with the quality of a newly created thing, of a miracle, which comes to generate an almost religious enthusiasm… taking into account that it is not a matter of thoughtfulness, or of dedication, nor of intelligence, nor even of study. It is something you are born with, and then in grows, feeding on conflict… Bach, Nietzsche, Cézanne, Rimbaud had it. And who knows how many more, unknown or very famous, certainly never satisfied, never paid, never quiet, who struggle daily with their own duende…”

Federico Garcia Lorca