A small kiss is enough to soothe a crying child. A kiss is enough to sooth the torment of lovers. A kiss soothes that which words are not able to.

“The work Lenisci represents the instant before a first kiss with the person I’m in love with; with whom each of us is in love with.” The bandages that cover the faces represent hope, torment, all the times that we imagined how it would be, what it would be like to brush the lips, kiss those lips…

In fact, Lenisci reminds us of that moment, that second when our faces are so close as to be almost kissing, when everything is about to happen… and afterwards nothing will ever be like before that kiss. If the two faces kiss, or better yet when the two faces kiss, we would see those bandages disappear and the faces of the two young lovers, who we once were, would emerge.

The faces of Lenisci are of course red like the color of passion.