Raised by force

The city of Castelfiorentino is in the process of becoming. Its community is made up of souls and personalities, physicality and emotionality, indeed a living body, a dynamic flow of concrete and psychological forces of various kinds and nature, both internal and external to it. A living body as it were, always having new needs and constantly offering new stimuli and possibilities. This community in the making is depicted in the work” Raised by Force,” with a young horse, just like the Castelfiorentino community is young, created by the intertwining of thousands of iron wires, just like the city is formed by thousands of inhabitants. Each wire that makes up the horse is a citizen of Castelfiorentino and all the intertwined threads shape the horse, whose shape and strength are formed with them, just as the interconnections of all individuals shape and give strength to our community.

Thank you for the photos to:

on the cover: Stefano Longhi

inside photos by:

Marco Mangini and Antonio D’Ambrosio of the Il Giglio Rosso Castelfiorentino Association