Mother family

The installation Mother Family is born from a contemporary vision of the family where the core is no longer formed by a couple but by a single parent.

In the Mother Family, the mother takes the responsibility upon herself of both roles and is shown as a centaur woman.

The mother who takes upon herself the role of father as well as mother, becomes something different from herself. She is stronger by necessity, doubly responsible, and she changes, searching for a new equilibrium and almost a new nature that is perhaps more primordial.

This mother centaur carries on her a male figure, the father of her children. This male figure is facing backwards with respect to the path the woman centaur is following and he is playing a horn. The man in the Mother Family tends to have his own vision of the path that doesn’t coincide with that of the mother just like the rhythm that the man makes when he plays his horn doesn’t coincide with the pace and rhythm of the centaur woman.

The harmony, the cadence, that which determines the direction of the trail are all given to the centaur woman by her children, represented in the installation by a daughter. The child is holding her mother’s hands and is in front, looking towards the future, and determines the course being set.

The centaur mother is holding on to her daughter with her right hand while keeping her face and left hand held out to whomever wants to hold it, to maybe ask her: “Tell me about the path you have traveled. How I can help? How can you help me?”