Women know they must fight against the headwind to be who they feel they truly are. A wind that at any moment could drive them back, forcing them to backtrack on the steps they’ve taken. From these women, their strength and their innate understanding of life, the project “Headwind” was born. It represents all these women. It is that wind in the face that they fight against every day and that in some moments slows them down, and that sometimes wants to stop them in their tracks, but at the same time makes them stronger. “The material body of a woman” in this work is a veil which takes on the woman’s shape. A veil that, when disintegrating along the way, sets their deepest essence free. The headwind makes them lighter, more aware, more determined. It doesn’t erase them but models itself in their imagine, becomes part of their strength. Headwind is all these women, and it is a warning to those who think they can stop them.